At CWP Constructors, safe, responsible work practices are built into every facet of our business operations, whether we’re on the way to work, in the office, or on the job site. The unrelenting commitment we’ve made to our customers, co-workers and families is supported by an impressive performance and compliance record.

CWP’s Commitment to Health and Safety

Look Out For Everyone

We realize that we spend more time with our co-workers than with our own families, so we look out for everyone – at all times – not just ourselves. We are focused on all tasks, and we come to work with clear minds and positive attitudes.

Stop & Ask

We are prepared to do our tasks, each and every day, the SAFE way. We do our very best to create a comfortable work environment where every individual knows and understands that they can ask any question, at any time. Therefore, we STOP & ASK when uncertainty arises, and we will STOP, intervene, and immediately report every unsafe act or condition.

Safety Above Production

Safety is our #1 priority above production. We do not rush or take shortcuts regardless of time constraints. We spend a significant amount of time proactively planning and integrating safe practices into our workplaces.

Everyone Makes it Home

Our commitment to safety is rooted in a promise of getting everyone home alive, and in one piece. We understand that cutting corners, and taking risks, is not worth the potential consequences.

Safety Lies Within Each of Us

We believe the responsibility lies within each and every one of us to come home to our families; to be a father/mother, a husband/wife; and to provide a reliable income. We can’t effectively fulfill these roles if we’re injured, or unable to work.

Safety at the Forefront of Everything We Do

We’ve established a firm foundation in which safety is an integral part of everyday operations. We share the responsibility of integrating it into the culture, and rejecting any perception that safety is a hindrance. Our goal is to encourage everyone we work with to embrace and own safety so that it radiates through all areas of their lives on a daily basis.

Safety Strategy

CWP’s Commitment to the Environment

We recognize the environment does not have an infinite life span, so we plan and conduct all construction activities with a focus on minimizing the environmental impact. Best practices are consistently employed to preserve and respect the land, so that its value may be sustained long into the future.

CWP Quality Management

The management of CWP Constructors Ltd. (CWP) recognizes that achieving the highest quality outcome involves everyone’s participation. To this end, it endorses and supports the implementation of a Quality Management System that effectively guides the management, operation, and quality control activities of every project.

CWP will continue to produce impressive results that exceed owners’ expectations, while at the same time enriching the organization and its people.